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And it's not working

Le 12 novembre 2014, 03:57 dans Humeurs 0

And it's not working. Spidey doesn't work that way. The reason why The Avengers and even Man of Steel in its best moments worked was because both films understood scale. Spider-Man, at his heart, is a small-town hero, and his best free running 5.0 barefoot cyan tend be focused largely on him, his relationships, and his struggles. Making him the heart of an expansive movie universe is wrongheaded, betrays the soul of the character, and makes it clear that Sony just wants the money. The thing is, Sony can't even really be faulted for wanting those sweet superhero dollars.

Everyone's doing it. But making a hypothetical Aunt May movie of all things would be the worst move in a string of bad moves dating back to Spider-Man 3, and it would hint at a cynicism that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. First, it's a risky, downright nonsensical project, especially as it took this long to give Wonder Woman and mens free running 5.0 trainers Marvel — hugely important characters, don't forget — movies of their own. Second, the Parker backstory in the films, already full of corporate intrigue, was one of the most disliked plotlines in the rebooted series.

Third, the one comic story from May's youth being mentioned in these rumors, Trouble, was booted from generally accepted canon because it was terrible. Fourth, telling a story about Aunt May isn't telling a story about Spider-man, which is already the biggest problem with Sony's present plans. We already know that Spider-Man's nike free running 5.0 (let's not even call it a world) is being carved up to contain the Sinister Six, Venom, and maybe even Black Cat in the coming years. Meanwhile, Sony won't be bringing its main draw back to theaters until 2018 and can't even seem to keep big-name screenwriters around for the project.

Police consider it "highly unusual"

Le 29 octobre 2014, 03:27 dans Humeurs 0

Police consider it "highly unusual" that they still have found no solid trace of Paul Kitterman, the 53-year-old father who went missing during halftime at Thursday's Denver Broncos-San Diego Chargers game. "People go missing quite often, but it’s highly unusual that someone goes missing for this amount of time," Denver Police spokesman Sonny Jackson told ABC News. "Obviously, it’s a missing persons case," Jackson added. "Unfortunately, we get numerous cases every day on the same lines and people turn up relatively quick.

In this case, he hasn’t shown back up and we’re concerned, as well as the family is." Authorities are combing through hours of surveillance footage from Thursday's game in hopes of turning up clues. "We’re reviewing tapes over at the stadium," Jackson said. "We’re following up on any tips and leads we get as to where he might be. We’re basically in contact with the family quite a bit, seeing if we can get additional information from them. And we’re moving forward with the investigation."

It’s a common sight in this city

Le 21 octobre 2014, 03:25 dans Humeurs 0

It’s a common sight in this city, as it is in Yemen, Somalia or Ethiopia: idle men plucking leaves out of a flimsy plastic bag, grinding them into mush between their teeth, filling every crevice with bits of green. A few local women warned me about the qat chewers. “They’re dangerous,” one of them said. “There was a news report that said they are robbers. If they eat qat, they do bad things.” Privately, the qat chewers didn’t seem dangerous.

Nobody was strung out. Hours passed before they felt a mild buzz. “Like coffee,” one man said, a familiar line repeated the world over. That wasn’t in Sana’a or Addis Ababa. It was in Guangzhou, a southeastern trade hub in China with the largest African community in Asia. Ever since the 1990s, many African and Middle Eastern businessmen have flocked to the city in hopes of striking gold, and some found a second home here. But China has a qat problem, and it’s because of these outsiders—or so the government would have you believe.

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